I sent such mail to Mr. Gianni Bologna who live in Italy Milan today.

Dear Gianni.
How are you? Japan is very hot in this summer but, is it also hot in Italy?
I am examining the submitted bill of Nisshin city council,
and very busy because of the settlement of accounts of my company.
However, I think that I forget the heat of this summer because I am very busy.
Anyway, I want to take nourishment and sleep enough firmly eating ,
because the health care is the first.
I'm looking forward to meet you again.
Moreover, please send e-mail to me. Best regars.

Because I feel it like this now, I will publish the same content in my blog.
Because I do not write English sentences usually, I think that there are a lot of mistakes.
Therefore, please point it out if the mistake is found.
Thank you very much.
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